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Invalid Permissions

Invalid Permission

List of invalid Permissions.

Note: This resource requires acc:invalid-permissions:view,delete, dm-stats, and app-stats permission.

The JSON Schema is


Property Type Format Description Writable
invalidAccountPermissions Array Permission Element Array of all invalid account permissions. No.
invalidGroupPermissions Array Permission Element Array of all invalid group permissions. No.

Permission Element

Property Type Format Description
accountID or groupID   String Version 4 UUID (RFC 4122  The accountID or groupID which holds this invalid permission.
permission String Shiro permission string The invalid permission


Relation Name Target Resource Description Possible Methods
self Invalid Permissions The resource itself GET, DELETE
ec:auth Auth “Resource” The Auth “Resource” GET

Possible Actions


To read the Invalid Permissions resource, clients may perform GET on a ec:invalid-permissions relation.

The success status code is 200 OK.



To delete all invalid Permissions, clients may perform DELETE on the resource.

The success status code is 204 No Content.