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Data Manager Template

Single Data Manager Template

A single entrecode Data Manager Template.

Data Manager Templates are basically Postman Collections – a series of templated HTTP Requests that can be run using Postman, the Newman command-line utility or the entrecode Newman Microservice.

Templates are always rooted in a base template (or a are a base template themselves). There are only updates possible, e.g. when a Data Manager Template gets a new model after sometime, there is the first version that is the initial template (creating the Data Manager etc) and then a second version that only adds the new model. When creating a new Data Manager, the base template is run and all update versions up to the desired version. There is no downgrade logic.

The JSON Schema is


Property Type Format Description Writable
templateID String Version 4 UUID (RFC 4122) The unique identifier for a template No. Gets generated on creation.
name String   Friendly name for the Template Yes
collection JSON Object  Postman Collection The request collection that builds up the data manager Yes
dataSchema JSON Object JSON Schema  Optional. JSON Schema describing the expected data object for running collection   Yes
version String ISO-8601 formatted UTC Date String (YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm:ss.sssZ, RFC 3339) Version (Timestamp)  No. Gets written on creation.


Relation Name Target Resource Description Possible Methods
self DM Template The resource itself GET
collection DM Template List List of all available Data Manager Templates GET, POST
ec:datamanagers Data Manager List Data Manager entry point GET, POST
ec:dm-template/parent  DM Template Parent Template (previous version of this template) GET
ec:datamanagers/new-from-template Data Managers Create a new Data Manager from this template POST
ec:datamanager/update-from-template Data Manager Try to update Data Manager to template (templated Link) PUT


The Data Manager Template List Resource is a Generic List Resource with embedded Data Manager Template Resources.

Possible Actions


To read a single Data Manager Template Resource, you may perform GET on a ec:dm-template relation.

To read the Data Manager Template List Resource, you may perform GET on a ec:dm-templates relation or on the collection relation of a single Data Manager Template resource.

In both cases, the success status code is 200 OK.


        "templateID": "53361701-09a9-4401-a438-73e1a767c45b",
        "name": "Ironic App",
        "collection": {
            ... postman collection ...
        "dataSchema": {}
        "_links": {
          "ec:dm-template/parent": {
            "href": ""


To create a new Data Manager Template Resource, you may perform a POST on ec:dm-templates (the list resource). The JSON Schema for creating a new Data Manager Template is

The success status code is 201 Created and the response body is the newly created single Data Manager Template resource.

Edit / Delete

It is not possible to edit or delete templates.