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Invite Resource

The Invite Resource is a resource listing available account registration invites.

An invite is basically just a UUID, with optionally assigned permissions and groups. This invite can be used to register a new user. The invite's permissions and groups will then directly be assigned to the new user.

Eligible users can post to the list resource to generate (a number of) new invites. They can get permissions and groups assigned via PUT or directly at creation via POST.

The JSON Schema is

CHANGES with Account Server 0.13:

  • the List resource is a Generic List Resource now
  • single Invites are their own resource
  • single Invites can be edited with permissions and groups


Property Type Format Description Writable
invite String Version 4 UUID (RFC 4122) The invite codes No
permissions Array[String] Shiro permission string Permissions that are assigned to this invite. Yes
groups Array objects containing name, and groupID (not permissions!) Groups this invite is assigned to. Yes


Relation Name Target Resource Description Possible Methods
self Invite The resource itself GET, PUT
collection Invite List List of all available invites GET, POST
ec:auth Entry Point Account Server Entry Point GET


The Invite List Resource is a Generic List Resource with embedded Invite Resources.

Possible Actions


To read a single Invite Resource, clients may perform GET on an ec:invite relation.

To read the Invite List Resource, clients may perform GET on a ec:invites relation or on the collection relation of a single Invite resource.

In both cases, the success status code is 200 OK.


To create new invite(s), clients may perform a POST on ec:invites. The JSON Schema for creating new Invites is It may be an empty body, or a JSON containing a count number. An empty body is equivalent to using "count": 1. It indicates how much new invites will be generated. It is also possible to set permissions and groups to set those for the newly generated invites.

The success status code is 201 Created and the response body is the Invites Resource containing the new invite(s).


To update an existing Invite Resource, clients may perform a PUT on ec:invite or self at a single Invite Resource. The JSON Schema for editing a Group is

Editable fields are the permissions array, and the groups array. Note that the elements of the groups array are expected to be objects with a groupID property. The response will also contain the group's name property.

The success status code is 200 OK and the response body is the updated single Invite resource.


It is not possible to delete generated invite codes. However, they get invalidated on usage and will not be visible through this resource anymore.