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Asset Group

Single Asset Group

Asset Group in a Data Manager. Asset Groups are used to organize Assets. Every (non-legacy) asset belongs to exactly one Asset Group. Asset Groups can have settings that overwrite the global or Data Manager settings for its assets. Also, an Asset Group defines if the file URLs of its Asset are signed URLs or just plain URLs. This can never change in an Asset Group.

The JSON Schema is


Property Type Format Description Writable
assetGroupID String ^[a-z0-9_-]{1,32}$ The unique identifier for an asset group Yes, but only on creation. Cannot be changed afterwards.
public Boolean true/false Indicating if assets in this group are generally public or have signed URLs. Yes, but only on creation. Cannot be changed afterwards.
settings JSON various settings Yes
settings.urlExpiration String ISO-8601 formatted Duration String (PXXX…, RFC 3339) How long URLs will be valid, if this assetgroup is non-public. Overwrites global setting from Data Manager. Yes
settings.disabledTypes Array[String] Array of either types ("image", "video", "audio", "plain", "document", "spreadsheet", "other") or mime-types. List of asset types and mime types that may not be used in this group. Yes, but values can only be removed.
settings.imageSizes Array[Integer] List of available image sizes. Yes, but values can only be added.
settings.thumbSizes Array[Integer] List of available thumbnail sizes. Yes, but values can only be added.
settings.urls.public String URI Custom public Asset Domain Yes
settings.urls.private String URI Custom private Asset Domain Yes
settings.preserveFilenames Boolean Set if by default the file name should be part of the URL. Can be overridden on upload. Yes
settings.includeAssetIDInPath Boolean Set if by default the file name should include the assetID for uniqueness. To be used together with preserveFilenames. Can be overridden on upload. Yes
settings.thumbMimeType null or String  'image/jpeg'  Set to image/jpeg (currently only supported value) to enforce JPEG Thumbnails. Yes
settings.variantMimeType null or String 'image/jpeg' Set to image/jpeg/image/png/ìmage/webp`) to enforce default Variant Images in another format. If not set, variants are in the original mime type. Yes
settings.additionalVariants null or Array[String] ['image/webp'] Enable creation of additional variants in another format (mime type). Yes
settings.optimize null or Boolean true/false enable optimization of JPEG/PNG images using TinyPNG Yes
settings.jpegQuality Integer between 10 and 90 JPEG/webp Quality to use for rendering of Variants and Thumbs. Default is 85. Yes
settings.deletePermanently String 7 days, 1 month, 1 second Timespan after which a deleted asset is physically deleted. Default is 7 days. Note that a script is periodically running for the deletion. So a value of '1 second' will not necessarily make the deletion instant, but will let deleted assets be removed on the next run of the deletion script. Yes
settings.defaultVariants Array[Integer] List of default variant sizes to generate for uploaded assets. Should be a subset of imageSizes. Yes
policies Array[JSON] Policy Definition Permission Policies for Assets in this Asset Group Yes
policies[].method String get, put, post, delete The method the policy should apply to. Yes
policies[].user String public, dmUser The user type the policy should apply to. Yes
policies[].conditions JSON or null See Additional conditions the assets need to fulfill. Yes

Example Assetgroup Settings

Copy and paste, but think about it:

  "disabledTypes": ["image", "video", "audio", "plain", "document", "spreadsheet", "other"],
  "imageSizes": [500],
  "thumbSizes": [160],
  "preserveFilenames": false,
  "includeAssetIDInPath": false


Relation Name Target Resource Description Possible Methods
self Asset Group The resource itself GET, PUT
collection Asset Group List List of all available Asset Group GET, POST
ec:datamanager Data Manager The Data Manager this Asset Group belongs to GET, PUT
ec:dm-assets   Asset List The Assets of this Asset Group GET, POST 


The Asset Group List Resource is a Generic List Resource with embedded Asset Group Resources.

Possible Actions


To read a single Asset Group Resource, clients may perform GET on a ec:dm-assetgroup relation.

To read the Asset Group List Resource, clients may perform GET on a ec:dm-assetgroups relation or on the collection relation of a single Asset Group resource.

In both cases, the success status code is 200 OK.


To create a new Asset Group, clients may perform a POST on ec:dm-assetgroups (the list resource). The JSON Schema for creating a new Asset Group is

The success status code is 201 Created and the response body is the newly created single Asset Group resource.


To update an existing Asset Group Resource, clients may perform a PUT on ec:dm-assetgroup or self at a single Asset Group Resource. The JSON Schema for editing a Asset Group is All fields are optional. Some changes are restricted (see table above).

The success status code is 200 OK and the response body is the updated single Asset Group resource.


Deleting an Asset Group is currently not possible.